Tim Prince, Singer-Songwriter

"A review of my morning: I’ve recorded in many, many studios over the years, in the USA as well as the UK. Today, I found the studio of my dreams. I’m serious - it’s that good.

Nestling in the hills around Newtown, Powys, Clovis Phillips has created a studio that is perfect for singers and songwriters. It is relaxed in style, cosy but not cramped with a truly exceptional array of modern and antique guitars. The boudoir grand piano and drum kit are there, too.

Clovis, as well as engineer and producer, is a working musician - so he understands how important it is to make his clients feel relaxed and understood. He knows how to help you get that great performance. Some of the instruments and microphones are beautifully vintage, and an old ambient mic in the middle of the room was a great touch.

The whole recording experience was professional and relaxed - a perfect combination. I wanted to record a song with simple backing - acoustic guitar, bass, some piano and brushed drums. So we had a chat about arrangements and sound, and that was it. I sat, recorded my vocal and a guide guitar (opting not to use a click track) and three takes later, we had it. Clovis would then add the rest on later. I didn’t need to find, rehearse and hire a band. It was that simple.

Finding a studio where you can simply record great instruments to achieve a real, live-sounding, professional-quality track is rare. To find one in such beautiful surroundings with a truly accomplished musician as engineer is even more so. If you want to bring your songs to life - book a session here. It’s just fantastic."

After receiving his song:

"Oh mate, that is gorgeous. I’m a very happy man. That is exquisite! I’m blown away. So beautifully played. The bass is stupendous."

"Including the stuff I did in the States, this is by far the best sounding recording I have. Your musicianship is great. It was also a really easy and relaxed experience. I’ll definitely record with you again. Thank you so much."

**Tim (known as Royal Blue) has now recorded an album at Add a Band, available here!


Wyson Lane & the New Almshouse Collective

"I really like the vintage sound of “The Very First Time” – superb trem’ guitar made me grin from ear to ear and with the drums suits the song perfectly!"


Rose & Mick Westrip


We were listening to them again last night, and just thought how good they sounded. All your embellishments fit so well and really enrich the songs....such a real skill to hear something that isn’t there, then play it in to the mix....fair play.

I might need a lesson on how you play that lovely acoustic line on 'Hurt' for playing it live!


I think they are a fabulous way for her to keep hold of her first few songs. Thanks for handling them so sensitively.


Cassie Boxall & Jeb Loy Nichols

" Thanks!  They sound great - really great.  Nice job!"


Jay Evan

"Clovis, you are a genius dude!! I've finally listened to it through good speakers, so I can hear everything in the song now! How you managed to get your timing in sync with mine, is amazing! I love the bass! It really 'jollies' up the song! Great, great, great!"