Please read through these tips before you visit if you are:

Recording with us

Check out these guidelines if you are:

sending by email

Recording your part with us?


Prepare Your Music

To help your session go smoothly, make sure you have your music as prepared as you can before you arrive.

Structure & Lyrics

We can help with the structure on the day if you're not sure, but make sure you can play your song all the way through and if you're singing, that you have your lyrics written.


It's important (particularly if we're adding drums) that you can play your piece in time, to a steady beat. Also, make sure each track is under 4 minutes in length.

What to Bring

You can of course bring your own instrument, however our studio has a range of quality acoustic and electric guitars and amps, violins, mandolins, a boudoir grand piano and other instruments should you wish to use them.

Emailing your part to us?



 It's important (particularly if we're adding drums) that you can play your piece in time, to a steady beat, and that it is under 4 minutes in length. 

Let Us Know

As you're not visiting us, make sure you let us know if you want a particular sound or style for your accompaniment.

Sending Your Part

For best results, send each instrument/voice as separate files (stems), but if this isn't possible then a mix together is fine too.

File Types

If possible, send your files to us in the .wav format as this will achieve the best results. If this isn't possible, then as high a quality (bitrate) mp3 is OK. 

Get it to Us

Email it to, or as these files can be quite big, feel free to use YouSendIt or a similar service. Alternatively, you can upload it direct to our DropBox at