Have a listen...

A collection of sample clips from recent artists in the studio.

All produced by Clovis Phillips @ Add a Band providing drums, bass, guitars, piano and keyboards.

More demos!

Royal Blue - Long Time Gone


A new song from Royal Blue, who recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar with us, then gave us free reign to add the band.

Vocals, ac. guitar: Royal Blue
Drums, piano, bass, electric guitar, additional ac. guitar: Clovis Phillips (Add a Band)

Produced and arranged by Clovis Phillips @ Add a Band.

Royal Blue - Like Marilyn

Royal Blue laid down vocals and a guide guitar track for this song, which he asked to sound like something from a French film/cafe. He gave us free reign, and we produced this arrangement with a bossa feel.

Vocals: Tim Prince (Royal Blue)
Guitars, bass, drums, percussion: Clovis Phillips (Add a Band)

Jeb Loy Nichols - Him, Her & Us

Jeb came into the Add A Band studio and sang this new song, to which we've added the full rhythm section of acoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums (and handclaps).

An example of our full band, in a funky country style.

Royal Blue - Treasure Chest

Royal Blue came to the studio and put down the vocal for this catchy song of his, onto which we have added piano, acoustic guitar, bass and brushed drums.